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Lin-Manuel Miranda to Host an Episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’

With Salvadoran Comedian Julio Torres, 'SNL' Brings In More Latino Talent For Upcoming Season

Latina Comedian Melissa Villaseñor Is Coming to 'SNL's Featured Cast in October

These Young Activists Were Protesting Trump Hosting 'SNL' While You Were at Home Tweeting

Watch George Lopez Parody 'SNL' As Donaldo Trumpez

John Leguizamo Says He's Never Watching 'SNL' Again Because of Trump

Watch Hysterical, Foul-Mouthed Little Kids Tell Donald Trump to STFU

You Can Count Every Latino Guest Host of 'SNL' on Two Hands

Watch Congressman Luis Gutierrez Call Out Donald Trump Hosting SNL: "Racism Isn't Funny"

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