WATCH: ‘Poolside Karen’ Tries to Explain Racist Behavior — Keyword: ‘Tries’

Lead Photo: Credit: John Lamb/Getty Images
Credit: John Lamb/Getty Images
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Blair Featherman, dubbed “Poolside Karen” by the internet, wants everyone to know that she’s embarrassed about the racist rant she unloaded this past summer on a group of Latines at their neighborhood pool.

Featherman, an interior decorator from Lakewood, Colorado, was angry because she believed the guests at a party being held at the pool clubhouse weren’t supposed to be there based on pool policy. “You have a f—king Mexican party in the pool,” she says fuming in the now-viral and racist video.

During a recent interview with Inside Edition, Featherman was allowed to relitigate the reason she went on a racist tirade as if that excuses her actions. It doesn’t. “They swarmed over like a swarm of bees,” Featherman told the news program. “I got pushed first by a man, and then the woman jumped on me.”

Inside Edition released a never-before-seen clip that Featherman says proves that she was the one who was assaulted first. She also shows the host a pair of fake nails she says she found in her hair after the altercation.

Later in the interview, Featherman added: “I am not a racist at all. I saw the video. It’s completely embarrassing. I don’t want to act like that and be like that.”

Earlier this month, bodycam footage was released by the Lakewood Police Department where Featherman accuses the partygoers of being in a gang. She also tells an officer, “I’m not usually racist at all. But I’ll tell you what, they come in, and they come in for their party, they’re trashy, they’re nasty, and they don’t belong here. I pay for this.”

At the end of the day, the internet is forever. And racist comments like the ones made by Poolside Karen won’t be forgotten, forgiven, or brushed away by the communities she’s hurt.