We found Don Cupido!

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Last week we asked for help in tracking down the mysterious Don Cupido, eager to find out what this portly paramour did the other 364 days of the year. Lo and behold, we got a response.


I think Don Cupido spends the rest of the year looking for love in all the wrong places :((

OR… maybe in a parallel universe, Don Cupido spends the rest of the year as Juanito Jaramillo, the security guard working at the District Attorney’s Office, in the series “Justice Woman” – a seriocomedy written, produced and starred by me and set to be released this Summer. You can check it out here […]

The series follows the story of Assistant District Attorney, Sofia Escala, who is determined to fight injustices within the legal system and the fiasco she and her office mate, Robert Galion, get into as a result thereof. It’s campy with an engaging story line that involves Sofia bringing to light questionable practices in the prosecution of the city’s cases, most notably the incarceration of an innocent migrant worker, Jesus Lopez, and her quest to prove his innocence with the help of her sidekick Robert.

Juanito Jaramillo provides much comedy in the series and as the series progresses you’ll learn more about the character and his lollipop fetish.

In any event, I hope that Don Cupido finds his true love soon :))

Hasta pronto,

Vanessa Verduga

The series sounds weird, but hey, we’ll give it a shot.

I guess there’s your answer. You can rest easy, now.