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May Beauty Edit: 5 Clean at Sephora Products Loved by Our Editor-In-Chief

Photography by Alfonso Durán.
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Introducing our new monthly list curated by Remezcla’s Editor-in-Chief, Thatiana Diaz, that will highlight her favorite beauty products. Drawing from her extensive beauty reporting and journalism background, our EIC will share a list showcasing products she’s personally tried and loves. In a market saturated with choices, navigating the world of beauty can be overwhelming — but it shouldn’t be. That’s where this list comes in. Diaz’s deep understanding of the beauty industry, gained through years of reporting, will guide you through the trends and launches, helping you confidently discover new finds.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our Beauty Edit, where I’ll share my monthly favorite products. With the launch of Remezcla Beauty, in partnership with Sephora, we have reflected on ways to better connect with our beauty community. And what better way than sharing the products I love in hopes that it will help you navigate the beauty shopping experience? With the myriad of products available on the market, exploring or shopping can sometimes feel daunting, and that’s where I’ve genuinely enjoyed chiming in.

My work in journalism is deeply rooted in beauty, and I’ve also found immense joy in exploring how identity and culture intersect within this space. I’m excited to channel that passion into this monthly edit, providing a space to guide you through the beauty industry with an inclusive eye. Whether you’re searching for a new blush that complements medium to dark skin tones or are eager to discover hair masks with specific ingredients for curls, I’ll be curating favorites across all categories.

I couldn’t think of a better month to start this than May, as we bid farewell to the remnants of winter and welcome new beginnings with spring. I’ll be the first to admit that I love indulging in the cliché of spring cleaning, and I always take inventory of my beauty products. With that said, it’s essential to ensure you have solid staple products, and that’s what this month’s favorites will be centered around. All are Clean at Sephora (formulated without certain ingredients), which is important to me as someone with sensitive skin; this list features tried-and-true favorites that you should have in your arsenal and that I have in rotation.

Clean at Sephora is the brand’s pledge to offer products without certain formulas and ingredients that some may not want, such as parabens and sulfates — meeting regulatory standards worldwide.

Check them out below.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops ($35)
I love it when there are different ways to use a product. I repurpose it as a highlighter when I’m not using it to give my skin a hydrating glow. Applying a few drops of the serum to the high points of my cheeks — tapping it over my foundation once it’s dried down — gives a glow-from-within, natural look.

PHLUR Missing Person Eau de Parfum ($99)
I have a delicate nose, so I’m discerning about my fragrances. But I also want something that’s going to stay on. This fragrance, boasting notes of sheer musk, sheer jasmine, and orange flower, strikes the perfect balance. It’s delicate enough to avoid being overwhelming yet reminiscent of a well-loved pair of jeans pulled from the closet—comforting and familiar.

MERIT Flush Balm Cream Blush ($30)
As summer approaches, heavy makeup is an immediate no. Enter this blush–an essential that delivers the softest touch of color, perfect for every day. Yes, you can wear this formula without foundation. It’s also easy to carry around for touch-ups, and the best part is that it has zero acne-triggering ingredients and is Clean at Sephora, so I can be worry-free with my acne-prone skin.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask ($49)
This mask has attained holy-grail status for me ever since its launch in 2018. Consider it a LiquidIV for the skin, making it a must-have, particularly during travel. I always keep it in my bag for flights, as air travel tends to dry out my skin, and this is a quick yet effective fix. Plus, it works wonders as an under-eye mask when I feel I’m looking extra tired.

amika Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask ($34)
I recently asked my colorist for tips after coloring my hair for the first time in a few months. She emphasized the importance of hair masks, or in her words, “Hair masks, hair masks, hair masks!” They are essential for wash days and can shield against pool, beach water, and sun exposure. It’s been easy to follow that advice with this mask in my collection, which I love for its ultra-rich, deep-conditioning formula.