Follow A.CHAL on His Journey to Spiritual Balance in This Mini-Doc

Los Angeles singer-songwriter A.CHAL has built a career on his commitment to balance. 2016’s Welcome to GAZI, a masterful R&B album that tackled the importance of spirituality and the vices of Hollywood hedonism, was a 10-track collection of swirling mantras, echoed protection spells, and odes to fame. In a new Remezcla mini-doc out today, Chal opens up about his desire for inner peace. “I’m not someone who measures success on things that I own or buy or fame or status. I measure success on balance. Spirituality has a lot to do with that.”

But Chal is quick to point out that his interest in spirituality isn’t just posturing. For him, it goes beyond adopting spiritual signifiers; rather, it’s about cultivating a respectful understanding of these traditions. “They might search ‘Amazon,’ ‘Maccu Picchu,’ they might search ‘shaman,’” he says. “A lot of people think that shit’s cool.” Chal is the son of two Peruvian immigrants, with roots in the Andean highlands. In this Remezcla mini-doc, we follow A.CHAL as he shares how heritage and spirituality shapes his world.

Watch the mini-doc above, and keep an eye out for A.CHAL’s upcoming mixtape On GAZ on June 2.