On Not Being Latina Enough: How Boricua Rapper BIA Found Her Place

For many U.S. Latino rappers, the path to stardom is an arduous one. Creating art that feels genuine and sidesteps kitschy stereotypes of Latinidad remains a challenge, as an often exploitative and profit-oriented music industry forces Latino rappers to slice up parts of their identities for easy consumption.

Boricua-Italian rapper BIA knows that struggle intimately. “I’ve always played with different elements of Latin culture, but I just never knew how to make it my own,” she revealed in a new Remezcla mini-doc, out today. For years BIA has endeavored to carve a space for herself in the business. Part of that journey started with “Safari,” the explosive collab she hopped on with mentor Pharrell Williams and Colombian reggaeton titan J Balvin. The track was evidence that she is savvy about crafting an aesthetic that feels organic and purposeful – linking with stars like Balvin and Pharrell put a spotlight on her work like never before.

BIA’s journey continues, as she finds a way to celebrate her Latinidad without letting it define her. Her upcoming project Trap Vogue is the next step of that adventure. “I’m still learning the way to make it the best that I can,” she says.

Watch the mini-doc above, and keep an eye out for BIA’s Trap Vogue, coming soon.