Danna Paola Shares Her Beauty Must-Haves, Hair Era, & Working With MAC

For Danna Paola, there are no limits for her makeup looks in 2024.

As the newest Global Ambassador for MAC Cosmetics, Danna Paola is celebrating the beauty brand’s 40th anniversary aligned with their latest lipstick launch: MACximal Silky Matte Lipstick. Since officially announcing her partnership with MAC last October, Danna has given her fans a closer look at her relationship with beauty and the iconic brand, even sharing her must-have MAC products with her longtime makeup artist, Emmimua, on social media. And her audience has responded positively, with one TikTok garnering over three million views and counting. 

The Latin pop queen never shies away from experimenting with new looks through makeup, given her extensive resume in the entertainment indsutry. From her first acting role at the age of 4 to now being the Global Ambassador of MAC, the singer continues to expand her influence beyond music. Last year, she opened up about how working with MAC is a dream come true since she grew up using their products. Remezcla caught up with Danna Paola to talk about how celebrating MAC’s 40th anniversary is a full-circle moment for her. Read more ahead. 

How does it feel to be the face of MAC’s 40th anniversary? 

I feel honored. I am super happy; this is a huge dream come true for me. I’ve been dreaming of doing something with MAC since I was five years old. MAC is a really special brand in my life personally and, of course, in my professional life. I’m honored to represent Mexico, of course, in a global scene, and the role for me is beyond makeup. It’s about setting an example and encouragement for other young Mexican girls.

Since starting your partnership with MAC, how involved have you been in terms of creativity? 

They let me create, and they love whatever we do with my makeup artist. It’s like, feel free to do whatever you know how to do, and it’s really cool because we’ve been working together for many years experimenting through make-up. For me, art has no limits, and makeup has no limits. It’s an expression of my art with my music, so it’s really cool to feel free to create with them and the products.


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What has been your favorite thing about working with the MAC team?

The crew! They are such good people and so magical. They carry a lot of light, and they are really, really kind to me. And they are amazing creatives. I feel like a huge hug being with the family. I feel at home.

You grew up in the make-up chair; share a make-up tip you picked up at a young age?

“I have to shout out my mom because my mom introduced me to skincare when I was six years old. Being on TV, the lights, and the makeup, you must always be clean and use makeup remover every night. Use creams and Vitamin C. Every three months, I change my skincare routine. It’s something you have to do. You have to change your routine. It depends on the weather, how much water you take, and what you eat. Remember, you are what you eat. You must drink water, eat well to have great skin, and sleep well. Prep your skin, do the right things with your skin type, [and use] the right products.

In addition to having a good skincare routine, how do you create your flawless face with MAC?

For long-lasting makeup, it’s MAC’s studio fix with concealer, then bronzer and contouring, studio fix again, and then loose powder. It’ll be like a sandwich! It works all the time. It’ll give you a long-lasting makeup look.

We’ve started the new year, and many people are sharing their “2024 INs and OUTS”. What is your beauty INS and OUTS for 2024? 

My IN is natural beauty. My OUT is the smokey eye and dark makeup. We are now doing light makeup and natural makeup—no more darkness. My IN is feeling free to do natural makeup. I’m also obsessed with skincare. A good cream to help restore your skin barrier. You have to go to bed like a glazed donut.

If you had to name a lipstick shade after one of your songs, what would it be called?

Valientes. Bold.

What are your everyday makeup must-haves?

MAC’s stacks mascara and Whirl is my favorite lipstick this year.

You’ve changed your hair color a few times. Is there a new look you’re going for soon?

Perhaps. I love changing my hair, but I am on my healthy hair journey right now. So without extensions, without glue, Omar is my hairstylist; he always takes care of my hair, too. We’re in the moment to not dye my hair. Scalp health is important. So, I love to wear wigs, but I am in my brunette era right now.