Meet Eeeks, Paraguayan Surf Rockers on the Rise

The Paraguayan capital of Asunción is not a city that tends to feature too prominently on lists of must-see destinations for aficionados of playfully vitalistic retro pop rock. That might just change, if local outfit Eeeks get their way.

These self-styled “Mediterranean surf crooners” have been concocting a three-chord buzz for some time now. The irreverent hum-along-ability of their sound is evident in catchy song titles such as “Ringo’s Teenage Dream,” “Spike,” and “Funny Faces.”

But who are Eeeks? Unless you’re familiar with the underground indie venues of Asunción, you probably wouldn’t be able to pick them out from a police lineup. Fortunately, the video for “Ringo’s Teenage Dream” puts names to faces, confirming that (shockingly) Eeeks are not elderly nuns, moonlighting police officers, or reptilian cyborgs who arrived on earth millennia ago to ensure human civilization was built on a foundation of upbeat melody and ditzy harmonies. In fact, they’re a posse of floppy-haired young rascals who like nothing better than dancing around their house, flapping their instruments about, and generally indulging in what suspiciously looks like too much of a good time. Having clearly decided to fill the video with every single household object they could find, you can only admire these crazy kids’ creativity.

As if that wasn’t enough, the video for “Funny Faces” takes spoiling-us-rotten to the next level, with a montage of the Day-Glo flamboyance and aerobics fanaticism that is Paraguayan TV of the 80s, which pretty much looks like 80s TV from anywhere else.

You can check out Eeeks on their SoundCloud or Bandcamp pages.