On ‘El Cambio,’ Lyanno Takes Us Through the Motions of Romance, Lust & Sex

Photo by Puff Puff Pasa.

From unexpected high-energy ballads to sexy trap songs, Lyanno’s new album El Cambio is a seductive force to be reckoned with. The Puertorican singer-songwriter debuts a compilation that exhibits a fascination with women in a manner that celebrates his respectful proximity to their liberation in varied ways. “My artistic priority is to exemplify something different, with high highs and low lows,” the star tells Remezcla. It is fair to say that he accomplished his objective and embodied a flair for curation in the impressively executed star lineup featured on El Cambio. The artistic stylings of some of the most ravishing R&B artists in el movimiento complement the 11-track album, out on April 21.

The multi-platinum artist has an extensive catalog, all amounting to various EPs dating back to 2016 in his debut of “Sexo Y Otras Drogas Adictivas.” The sensuous R&B savant built off of the strength of his own music, really honing into the cultivation of his own lane, and in El Cambio, it shows. Lyanno eloquently divided the best parts of him and showcased them in well-curated ways that exemplify his artistic maturation since his Pa La Calle EP. His latest album takes you through all the motions: sex, romance, lust, and even love lost.

Throughout the LP, Lyanno’s silky husky voice transforms from track to track, displaying a versatility that is to be appreciated as it makes for a three-dimensional experience, something that die-hard el movimiento fans are looking for. With el movimiento encapsulating everything from R&B, trap, reggaeton, moombahton, hip-hop, and other genres, El Cambio celebrates the variety of sounds that fall under this musical umbrella and honors them, making music that stands out, transcends, and has the potential to compete in the mainstream.

The colorful album kicks off with “Nasty,” an unexpected trap-hop seduction. The song is not for the weak, as Lyanno successfully pulls in his listeners with sultry soprano vocals as he naughtily describes all the fantasies he would help make come true in this tantalizing storytelling lyrical style he takes on. He admirably depicts a step-by-step risqué approach in this unruly music video.

El Cambio switches things up, highlighting a wide range of high-energy nightclub bangers from “Tres Amigas” to “Guay.” To much acclaim, the divergent set unveils the evidence that Lyanno took big risks on himself. The self-described playboy beautifully laid out his voice in “Barca de Papel,” a dreamy reverie he effectively sings to great fervor. The album features some previously released tracks, like the super sexy collaboration “Poderosa” with fellow R&B prince Rauw Alejandro and “Dos Opciones” with Puerto Rican Pop sensation Lunay. “Hola Shorty” featuring De La Ghetto, produced by Grammy Award Winning hit-maker Nicael, is a provocative invitation to basque in the thrills of seduction. Lyanno and Ankhal’s objective is clear in their instructive trap banger “Muevelo,” enticing the ladies to move it. This sexy how-to boldly and artistically showcases a dominant side to Lyanno, who shows off his sex appeal for all to see.

The album’s release was a long time coming. “As an artist, it was difficult for me to put my work on hold,” he shares. As it has been for many artists, the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic caught Lyanno off guard. He was ready to debut all of this greatness for the last two years and has had to compromise. But as it is exceedingly clear throughout the album, the wait was well worth it.

R&B en Español’s relatively recent rise in the Latine market comes with many lessons, including that one more genre creates many more avenues for artists to tap into their sultry side. A mellowed-out tempo mixed with strip-tease inspiring vibes is the perfect combination to enchant a wide age range of music lovers — there’s something for everybody. El Cambio is for the young, the mature, and it gives something for the restless to bite off of as well. 

Listen to El Cambio below.