WATCH: Farina & El Alfa Turn the Laundromat Into a Party With “Dora” Video

Farina is exploring dembow with one of the biggest Dominican artists in the genre. The Colombian rap queen joined forces with El Alfa for her new single “Dora.” Farina also shared exclusive photos with Remezcla from the fierce music video released today (March 14). 

Before releasing “Dora,” Farina first teased the song on social media with a preview that amassed over two million views. Now, with “Dora” officially out, it’s evident that the hype was justified – the track is a certified dembow sensation. Farina skillfully intertwines her verses with references to the adventurous spirit of Dora The Explorer, even playfully dubbing herself a “loba” in reference to the show’s mischievous character, Swiper. El Alfa injects the song with a fresh energy, adding his signature flair as he whistles in his explosive guest verse. The infectious beat and seamless interplay between Farina and El Alfa set the stage for what could easily become a summer anthem.

Filmed in Miami, the music video for “Dora” transforms a laundromat into an electrifying party scene, perfectly complementing the song’s infectious rhythm. Packed with surprises, from aquarium fish to sudsy bubbles, and featuring dance moves courtesy of Pioladitingancia, the video promises to be a visual delight, amplifying the irresistible allure of “Dora.”

“Dora” will be included in Farina’s upcoming album. Diving into the dembow is no surprise from Farina, who explored dancehall last year with elements of reggaeton in the alluring “El Vibe” featuring Sean Paul. The song was nominated for Crossover Collaboration of the Year at last month’s Premio Lo Nuestro

Farina also dabbled in Dominican dembow in 2022 with the playful track “La Torta.” The song proved to be a viral hit, charting among the top 20 hits on TikTok for eight weeks. Now, she is reuniting with one of the genre’s leading global ambassadors, El Alfa, for “Dora.” She previously collaborated with him on the song “Bendecido.”