Kenia Os

Going From YouTube To Pop Star, Kenia Os Is Enjoying Her Journey

Photo by Alfredo Persan.

In the past year, Kenia Os has become one of Mexico’s breakout pop stars. With her platform, which includes a large social media following, she aims to deliver a positive message. Os does just that with her latest music video for “Todo My Love,” celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. In an interview with Remezcla, she opened up about crossing over into the music industry from YouTuber, supporting her queer fans, and her recent sightings with Mexican pop icon Thalía.

Os started on YouTube in 2013, amassing over 7 million subscribers with the vlogs she shared with viewers. As social media stars built platforms in the past decade, she grew her brand on sites like Instagram, where she has over 13 million followers. In 2018, Os started to crossover as a singer with 2018’s “Por Siempre.” When she released her debut album, Cambios De Luna, in March 2022, she broke the record for the most first-day streams on Spotify in Mexico. Os is a certified pop star.

About her jump from YouTube to a singing career, Os says, “It’s strange. I felt like I’ve never changed. That I’ve simply been unlocking other levels of my career. I’ve viewed my career as Kenia Os as how far can I take this, how far can I go with this, what is the next level? I believe as a content creator that’s the first level where I grew, where I first received the love and support, and now I’m at this second level, entering the singing world.”

In her burgeoning music career, Os has received major co-signs from artists she’s worked with, like Mexican-American rapper Snow Tha Product. In Feb., they teamed up for the fierce and fabulous “Joder.” “I always say in interviews that I got to know Claudia more than Snow Tha Product,” Os says. “I know Claudia, the person. She’s a cancer sign like myself. We are very sweet! She’s a great person. She’s very nice, very empathetic.” 

In June, Os was spotted hanging out with Thalía. Could a collaboration be on the way. “Something special is coming,” Os says coyly. “Something really cool with [Thalía] is coming. I love her! I adore her! Actually, just yesterday, she called me. We were talking. She’s an incredible person and an inspiration. I believe getting to know her helped me so much. She’s a sensible and grateful person to the people who surround her. I already have a special place for her in my life.”

Earlier this month, Kenia kicked off a new era in her music career with her single “Todo My Love.” The feel-good Latine pop bop is a cute love song where she sings a bit in Spanglish. In the music video, the stars are same-sex couples. Os celebrates their love and shows her support for the LGBTQ+ community.

“I wanted to give this message that was super important,” Os says about centering queer love in her music video. “Like everything I do in my career, I like that it has a message. I always try to put that detail in my songs and my work. I’m always super in contact with [my LGBTQ+ fans]. I always give them a lot of love. They are a fundamental part of my fandom, and I’m so happy and grateful for each and every one of them.”

“Like everything I do in my career, I like that [my music] has a message. I always try to put that detail in my songs and my work.”

Since breaking out of YouTube, Kenia Os has become an empire. In Mexico, she also has a cosmetics line called Kenia Os Beauty. She doesn’t want to limit herself to one industry. Os is ready to do it all. As for what she hopes to accomplish next, she sounds excited about the future.

“[I want] to break out of the country and bring that representation of Mexico to all the places that I can, and to keep growing with my music,” Kenia says. “To keep growing as a writer, producer, and director of my career. To continue advancing with other paths in my career like with my makeup line, with acting, in everything I can, really.” 

“I have a lot of dreams and a lot of things I want to do as Kenia Os, and for myself as a person. There are a lot of things I want to achieve. I’m enjoying the journey.”