If you’re a sentient being on the Internet, chances are that by now you’ve heard about Apple Music, the one-stop shop for music streaming, radio, and artist-to-fan communication that Apple launched in June.

The service – which you can try free for three months here – offers a giant catalog of music, which includes more than 30 million songs, exclusive artist content (via its platform Connect), the flagship Beats 1 Radio station and plenty of other radio options, and the co-signs of some pretty big artist names, like Tay Tay and Drizzy, to name a few.

But one of the biggest ways Apple Music is aiming to stand out in a sea of music streaming competitors is its human-fueled approach to music discovery. Rather than relying on the automated algorithms that most apps use to suggest new music, Apple has partnered with curators – yes, real humans – to provide playlist recommendations with a personal touch.

We’re excited to announce that Remezcla is the newest of these IRL Curation Partners. We’re the first post-launch partner, and the only partner for Latin America, which means our playlists will be available in more than 20 countries. Apple Music is currently available on iOS, Mac, and PC, with an Android app arriving later this year.

Follow our channel for regularly updated playlists selected by the Remezcla team, as well as recommendations from the artists, DJs, producers, and creatives we think should be on your radar. Also be sure to follow us on Connect, where we’ll promote new music and share our latest exclusive content, including videos and premieres. To kick things off, check out our first round of playlists below.

Get into Austin’s underground scene with the Peligrosa Collective, who are the first to present a series of playlists called Mi Barrio, along with “Before You Go” listening tips for Colombia’s Hermoso Ruido FestivalPlus, we’ve shared a journey through the OGs of Reggaeton, a dream girl gang of female artists selected by our Managing Editor, The Sounds of Cultura Dura, and an exclusive playlist curated by our favorite digital cumbia artists, The Frikstailers.

Check out each playlist below

Exclusivo: Frikstailers

Each month, Remezcla will be inviting a special guest artist to curate their favorite tracks, both old and new. This month, we have the Frikstailers, the multifaceted and sometimes bizarre electronic duo of DJ Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona (aka DJ Sandro de America). Now based in Mexico City, they’ve expanded their sound and range, but their heart is still in the digital cumbia movement they helped develop, as part of the ZZK label and collective.

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Mi Barrio: Peligrosa

“Peligrosa is an Austin-based collective and DJ crew that was established in 2007. We represent a diaspora of sounds from all over the globe generally and Latin America specifically. In 2014, we launched our own label Discos Peligrosa, through which we hope to continue promulgating the sound of antiquity. This playlist represents a brief look into what we have released and play on a regular basis. It also includes songs from artists that have inspired us to continue doing what we do. #PaLante” – Peligrosa Team

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Cultura Dura

Cultura Dura is Remezcla’s spotlight on emerging Latin urban culture. Here we share tracks from people who are evolving what Latin urban sounds, looks, and feels like — shattering speakers and stereotypes in one fell swoop. So basically, anything that has us dancing, nodding, leaning – whatever.

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The OGs: Reggaeton

The OGs. The first of the first, the pioneers, the innovators. Before any genre’s breaking point, there are the individuals who set the blueprint of what was to come. This month, Remezcla salutes the originators of reggaeton, one of our generation’s most prolific genres, with its roots spanning Panama, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, New York City, and beyond. These are the some of the first incarnations of the genre from 1990 until 2004, before the second generation of reggaeton stars emerged.

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Girl Gang

We’ve asked the women who inspire us to share the women who inspire them. If you had to build your dream musical girl gang, who would be in it? To kick us off, Remezcla’s Managing Editor Andrea Gompf shares the nenas – both fresh to the scene and old school icons – on her BFF dreamboard.

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