Kap G in Mexico City: The Rapper Revisits His Roots for the Future of Atlanta Hip-Hop

Kap G grew up in Georgia, surrounded by Atlanta hip-hop culture. “Me and my family, we was like the only Mexicans, so it’s like I knew nothing but my black homies my whole life,” he reveals. When Remezcla took Kap to Mexico City for the first time last year, the young rapper got a chance to see a side of his culture he rarely witnessed growing up in College Park. “Some people may say, ‘Yo he’s not Mexican enough,’ but it’s like…I’m just being myself. I’m making something different. This never has been done.”

Talking to Kap, that perceptive and grounded disposition is immediately visible. Amid visits to the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, taco trucks, and DF’s storied La Lagunilla Market, Kap had a chance to reflect on his heritage and his hometown’s rise as hip-hop’s go-to production hub. Couched in shots of Mexico City’s crowded streets, bustling restaurants, and street performers, our documentary finds Kap at his most reflective, grappling with his career ambitions and all the more determined to rise to the top – beyond the limitations of the “Latino rapper” label. “I want to be number one,” he declares. “Not the number one Mexican rapper – I want to be the number one rapper.”

Watch the documentary above, and catch Kap G on tour with Philly’s Lil Uzi Vert this summer:

El Southside is available now.