REVIEW: Karol G Proves To Be Force of Nature During Rained-On Miami Show

Photo Credit: Felipe Orvi.

As I scanned my ticket while entering Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium for Karol G’s Mañana Será Bonito Tour on its second night, the capitalized “rain or shine” caught my attention. At that moment, I was thankful that the weather said clear skies before I left the house. Little did I know that heavy rain would catch us off guard — and even more surprisingly, Karol G was fully prepared to live by the “rain or shine” disclaimer.

In a stunning testament to her dedication to her show and fans, Karol G took the Hard Rock Stadium by storm — quite literally. As she entered her second set, I felt a raindrop, and before I could even question it, that single drop transformed into a torrential downpour. The expressions on the faces of the crowd shifted from concert bliss as she performed “Gatúbela” to a mixture of surprise and concern. I could almost sense the collective worry that the show might come to an abrupt halt. But Karol G wasn’t about to let a little rain dampen the spirit of the night, and the crowd picked up on her energy.

As she crooned the words “Qué calor,” the rain began to fall from the sky, almost like a serendipitous accompaniment to her sultry performance. Undeterred by the rain, she continued her set as if it were just another day on stage, proving that her determination to perform was unshakeable.


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The rain, which could have easily caused chaos, became an enchanting spectacle as Karol G’s special musical guest, Quevedo, joined her on stage. With both artists embracing the rain-soaked venue, their unbothered spirits were contagious to the audience. Amidst the giggles and shared amusement at the unexpected weather twist, Karol G’s authenticity shone through as she wiped raindrops from her face, all the while maintaining a vibrant energy.

Karol G handed over the stage to Quevedo to perform his hit song “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52.” Rather than retreating backstage, she stood beside him, singing along and jumping with him to the beat. With the raindrops and puddles that graced the stage, it was as if the rain was a part of the show — and the displays of their genuine passion for music and their fans were louder than ever. The crowd, undoubtedly moved by Karol G’s unwavering commitment, responded with overwhelming support, embracing the rain and the moment with the same enthusiasm. The atmosphere became electric, with fans staying in the rain rather than seeking shelter. It’s no shocker that this moment of the concert went viral as fans posted firsthand looks of the experience, with some even calling it “the best concert.”


Started pouring at the @Karol G concert, litness ensued. #KarolG #Miami #Quevedo #MañanaSeraBonito

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As the night unfolded, Karol G’s unbreakable commitment remained the focal point. Transitioning seamlessly into her next set, she graced the stage in a sequined gown with her hair still wet. She proceeded to perform “Ocean” without hesitation despite the absence of a stage prop and piano she’s had at previous shows that they evidently withdrew due to the rain. Without skipping a beat, the Colombian artist continued with her setlist regularly. She even walked around the stage, getting closer and engaging with fans as she had done consistently throughout the tour.

In an industry where many artists might have opted to pause the show due to unfavorable weather, Karol G emerged as more than just an artist — she became a force of nature herself. Her unrelenting energy, dedication, and capacity to adapt in the face of challenges demonstrated a rarity within the music touring scene. Rain or shine, Karol G’s indomitable spirit lit up the stage, reaffirming her status as an artist who rises to the occasion and proves this tour, without a doubt, is for her fans.