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Kiko El Crazy Talks New Music Video With & the Rise of Dembow

Courtesy of Rimas Music.

Dominican dembow is increasingly becoming popular in the U.S. mainstream. One of the genre’s most prominent testaments is Kiko El Crazy, who is currently leaving his sonic footprint in the mainstream airwaves, all while proudly representing Dominicans on a nationwide scale. His latest conquest? A desert party-filled music video for his latest album’s club banger called “Latina” featuring, out today (Sept. 7).

“The song with emerged when I had this idea and sent it to him. He said, ‘Yes, let’s do it,’ so I sent him the track in one way,” Kiko El Crazy tells Remezcla over Zoom. “And when he sends me back the finished record, I’m like, ‘Wow! did this!’ Because I didn’t have the chorus: ‘Dónde está mi Latina? Aquí. Dónde está mi Latina? Aquí.’” “It was missing something… and that’s where the magic of Black Eyed Peas – of – came in,” Kiko recalls. “That’s how the track caught fire.”

Upon first listen, the song doesn’t sound like a dembow, but nevertheless, the track was influenced by the subgenre. Kiko explained its similarities: “[] took it into his flow. I sent him something more creole… [But] I would say [the track] at least has the tempo of dembow.”

When asked about the evolution of dembow, he refers to the genre’s popularity increase that he has seen while living in Miami, which he expects to “get on another level within five years.” As an example, he references Bad Bunny’s recent summer anthem. “One of the biggest hits on Bad Bunny’s album is ‘Tití Me Preguntó,’ a dembow.” He adds, “If an artist sees that something is trending, the artist is going to run with it – and that’s what’s happening with dembow.”

Kiko’s input about dembow’s popularity increase appears to be true based on upcoming major collaborations between heavy-weight artists and emerging artists in the genre and on forthcoming documentaries. Take Tokischa and Madonna’s upcoming speculated collaboration – a dembow-infused remix of her 2005 hit “Hung Up,” for example. There’s gotta be a wave coming if the Queen of Pop’s involved. 

Another mainstream figurehead, Amazon Music Latin, is aware of the genre’s rise. They are releasing a two-part documentary called Amazon Music presents: La Cuna del Dembow, which details the genre’s roots. Kiko, being one of the music’s trailblazers, is part of the mini-documentary. Other featured artists include Yailin La Más Viral, Chimbala, and Farruko. The first part is out on Sept. 8.

Although “Latina” doesn’t embody all of Kiko’s signature dembow banger elements, what’s clear is that the collaboration with the prominent American singer, songwriter, and producer means nothing less than a trophy to him.

“It was an experience. I grew up watching in the Black Eyed Peas. So it’s not [only] a song and a video for me – it’s like a Latin, Dominican achievement,” Kiko says. “For us to be able to make songs and videos at the level of quality that they have been doing all the time, I think it’s an accomplishment and it makes me feel very proud to represent my flag.”

Watch the music video for “Latina” below.