These Navidad Playlists Will Get the Party Started & Keep it Going Hasta Abajo

Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla

Queridos, it’s officially sala season. That time of year when you get dressed in your finest ‘fits and throw on that glitzy rosary that Abuela gifted you last Christmas, all to sit pretty with dozens of family members, vecinos and friends packed into your living room. But you don’t actually want to just sit around all night, do you? Of course not. And chances are, you’re already going to be sipping on coquito, ponche or canelazo — so soon enough you’ll find yourself feeling it and needing to hit the dance floor (a.k.a the area rug in the center of the room) with whoever grabs your hand first.

But maybe it’s nosy tía Mercedes, hitting you with the “y el novio/a” for the umpteenth time as she swings you into a spin (tías reading this: you know who you are!) That’s where our Navidad Pa Bailar Con Las Tías (PG-13) playlist comes in. Grab the aux and hit her with some Johnny Ventura — she’ll be swooning over El Caballo too much to care about your dating life. Or maybe it’s Abuelita, so busy worrying about your Mami’s cooking that she looks like she’s about to catch un ataque. Get her out of the kitchen, finally, with these throwbacks to her heyday.

And after tiring out the ladies who raised you — because let’s be real, if your family is anything like mine, tío Raul already passed out on the couch an hour ago — it’s time to keep the party going with los primos. You’ll be wanting to queue up our Navidad Pa Bailar Hasta Abajo playlist for this portion of the night. (Dique night. You already know it’s morning!)

If you ask us, it’s obviously when the real party’s getting started. And who knows: You might just rope in cool tía Yessica, right in time to show her Tomasa del Real and what this whole “neo-perreo” sound is all about.

Listen to Remezcla’s Navidad Pa Bailar Con Las Tías (PG-13) and Navidad Pa Bailar Hasta Abajo (R Rated) playlists below.