We Made a Massive New Year’s Eve Playlist So You Wouldn’t Have To

The New Year’s Eve hype machine is officially up and running. Every year, there’s a ton of pressure to find the perfect turn up spot, see all your friends, and refrain from emptying your bank account at the liquor store or bar (please @ me when someone succeeds at the latter). To guarantee you a successful night, we put together two massive playlists to soundtrack your año nuevo festivities. On Apple Music, we’ve got a 50-track collection that includes the intergenerational banger “Vivir Mi Vida” and odes to the jumo like “Tamo Burlao” by El Fother and Chimbala. For Spotify users, we’ve got three hours of hits, including bizarro reggaeton from Tomasa del Real as well as anthemic hip-hop jams “All the Way Up” and “35 Pa Las 12.” Press play, say goodbye to this basura year, and watch me try to recreate Teyana Taylor’s choreography from the “Fade” video.