On “No Me Llames,” Carla Morrison Removes Toxicity With Most Upbeat Sound Yet

Photo by Esteban Calderon. Courtesy of the artist

Last month, Carla Morrison dropped “Ansiedad”—the first taste of her upcoming album and the official follow-up to her acclaimed 2015 project, Amor Supremo. “Ansiedad” was slow-brewing and intense, taking its cues from R&B without abandoning Morrison’s signature sensitivity. Now, with “No Me Llames,” she continues to lean into pop with some of the most upbeat sounds we’ve heard from her yet.

“No Me Llames,” which came out this week, is subtle yet bouncy as Morrison sings about removing toxicity from her life to find levity and a happier state of being. It’s not just a sonic jump; Morrison says that “No Me Llames” and the rest of the songs on her forthcoming record capture a period of both personal and creative liberation.

A 34-year-old at peace, excited to explore and accept possibilities.

“When I wrote these songs, I was in a place where I wanted personal freedom, mentally and spiritually. I wanted to be myself—a 34-year-old at peace, excited to explore and accept possibilities. I made a pact with myself that I would make more global/pop music,” she tells Remezcla. “‘No Me Llames’ is about reconciling with my past, my relationships, and embracing the new me… and that message and sound came together perfectly through my process. It had to be honest and it is a snapshot of who I am today.”

The video, like “Ansiedad,” was directed by Colin Solal Cardo, and sees her again pulling off understated, interpretative choreography by Kiani Del Valle. As the song picks up, Morrison and her dancers move together under pouring rain, with Morrison seemingly finding strength by the end.

Each song tells a different story about my process.

“It was as if he had copied and pasted my exact story into his interpretation—but I also saw things that I didn’t see in myself,” Morrison said of Cardo’s direction. “It was an amazing and special feeling that he brought to my story, the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m incredibly grateful to him for all he did to help me bring this to life. Best experience I’ve had making music videos.”

And, while “No Me Llames” stands out for showing a new side of Morrison, she shares that the new project is going to go in a few different directions and feature a little bit of everything.

“The rest of my project will have a similar dynamic to “No Me Llames,” but every song is unique in its own right. Each song tells a different story about my process, but ultimately and always, they each have an honesty that I’m comfortable with.”