WATCH: Carla Morrison Pays Tribute to Honduran Community Leader on “Todo Fue Por Amor”

Lead Photo: Photo by Esteban Calderon.
Photo by Esteban Calderon.
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On Apr. 20, Carla Morrison released her newest single, “Todo Fue Por Amor,” from the film Esta Luz (With This Light). The song and film are both heartfelt tributes to the Honduran community leader Sister Maria Rosa Leggol, who dedicated her life to helping children and women from poverty and violence. 

“This was a very easy song to write, even when everything was against me because, like Sister Maria Rosa, I am not a nun, but I knew that something connected us,” Morrison said in a statement about the new track. “And that [connection] is the love for serving and being able to help others heal through my work, and that’s how I connected with her.”

She continued: “When I sat at the piano, I asked heaven to enlighten me, to please send me something good for this beautiful, great invitation, and that’s how I felt as if Sister Maria Rosa whispered the lyrics of the song to me, together with my father.” The Mexican singer’s father passed away in 2020.

She also mentioned that the song talks about maternal, universal, and limitless love. It’s about the joy of loving and seeing people we love happy and loved. “It was a very unique and spiritual experience that I will never forget,” she concluded.

Directed by Laura Castellanos, the touching music video starts by showing Sister Maria Rosa Leggol surrounded by children as she hugs them. It features Morrison in beautiful green scenery, wearing a beige dress and crooning her emotional verses about finding the light and love within. Morrison’s sentimental lyrics talk about embracing unconditional love inside and in others, encouraging listeners to look past the bad times in life. It shares a powerful message of moving forward, despite life’s challenges and hardships. 

“Todo Fue Por Amor” is Carla’s first single following her last album El Renacimiento. She recently collaborated with Karol G on their joint track “Mañana Será Bonito.” The Mexican singer-songwriter will soon embark on her upcoming U.S. tour, starting on Aug. 4 in Napa, CA.

Sister Maria Rosa Leggol ultimately passed away in 2020 due to COVID-19. During her life’s work, she helped more than 90,000 Hondurans, founded the non-profit organization Sociedad Amigos de los Niños (Friends of the Children Society) in 1966, and helped open more than 500 orphanages throughout Latin America, among many other accomplishments.

Watch the music video for “Todo Fue Por Amor” below.