Cricket, Santa Fe, Snow Tha Product

PREMIERE: Cricket Brings Santa Fe Klan, Yng Lvcas & Snow Tha Product Together for New Club Anthem “Polvo Rosa”

Photo of Cricket: Berny Flores

It’s safe to say: Cricket is a music shapeshifter. The Mexican-American DJ and producer, known to blend música mexicana elements and rap influences, is leaving his innovative mark in the music industry. His latest testament? “Polvo Rosa” with Mexican rappers Santa Fe Klan, Yng Lvcas, and Snow Tha Product, premiering exclusively on Remezcla today (March 14).

Born Alvaro Venegas, Cricket describes “Polvo Rosa” as the “most natural and organic collaboration” he’s done in a while. First, he sent the dembow club production to Yng Lvcas for a hook and verse. He tells Remezcla that he knew he had something special after hearing the “La Bebé” rapper’s feature. To make the track more captivating, he sent it to Santa Fe Klan, which recorded his verse and bridge in his dressing room while on tour with Snow Tha Product.

“Finally, I asked Santa Fe Klan to ask Snow if she would jump on the song since she’s Mexican and one of the best female MCs,” he tells Remezcla about how the song was born. “I’ve always wanted to work with her and Santa Fe Klan got her on verse on a stop to New York and sent it back. The rest is history – we had a club banger.” Snow’s unmatched and unapologetic flow is undoubtedly the cherry on top of the new club anthem.

The new music video features the four Mexican artists partying together, dancing, and having a good time surrounded by models at a nightclub. The infectious sounds of dembow and a throbbing trap and electronic beat make the song a certified club banger bound to end up in your next party playlist.

Moreover, what’s clear is that Cricket’s productions intentionally surpass genres and labels. For example, “Polvo Rosa” – a song that combines elements of dembow, rap, and EDM – comes on the heels of his latest hit production, “DEMBOW BÉLICO,” which he says was one of the first tracks to feature three Mexican corrido artists on a dembow EDM-style beat. 

After the massive success of “DEMBOW BÉLICO,” he knew he had tapped into a treasured formula of piecing together unique, outside-the-box productions and artist collaborations. Now, he aims to be the DJ Khaled of the Latine music market, praising how the American DJ and record producer creates masterpieces by doing the same on the Anglo side. 

The self-comparison isn’t unattainable, especially since this isn’t the first time he’s innovated his sound to push his music forward. Before tapping into this dembow-EDM fusion, he was known for banda rap, which he details as a mix of banda instruments, rap drums and verses, and hooks in Spanish with música mexicana artists. His popular songs on that side of the musical spectrum include “KUMBIA MAKABRA” with Santa Fe Klan and Tomas Ballardo and “Barrio” with That Mexican OT and Lefty SM.

And this is only the beginning. Now, he’s transitioning from behind the scenes to front and center as a solo artist. In his upcoming debut album, he aims to showcase that there are no limits to music after years of experimenting with genres that span banda, corridos, grupero, cumbias, rap, and more into one Cricket-style special.

“I’m always revolutionizing the genres into musical masterpieces, and that is what sets me apart from everyone else,” he tells Remezcla. “And now I get to let the world and streets listen to Cricket the artist.”

Check out the music video for “Polvo Rosa” featuring Santa Fe Klan, Yng Lvcas, and Snow Tha Product below.