PREMIERE: Matt Paris & Joel DELEŌN’s ‘Diamante’ is a Pop Gem

Lead Photo: Courtesy of TNR Public Relations.
Courtesy of TNR Public Relations.
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Matt Paris is emerging as one of Colombia’s most promising pop stars in el movimento. He reunites with ex-CNCO singer Joel DELEŌN for his new single “Diamante.” Today (Mar. 21), Paris shines alongside DELEŌN in their music video, premiering exclusively on Remezcla.

Paris hails from Bogotá, Colombia, and like DELEŌN, he got his first big break in the music industry as a contestant on the singing reality competition La Banda. When he didn’t make it into CNCO, Paris continued to pursue his dreams of being an artist. His hard work is paying off with the success of his recent reggaeton bangers like “Diferente” and “Bellaki.”

“My music is an eclectic sound that seamlessly blends Latin textures and different cultures,” Paris tells Remezcla. “Beyond the artist, I’m a creative mind that produces, plays four instruments, and composes my songs. Along with my team, I orchestrate all my productions to their highest potential.”

For his new single “Diamante,” Paris decided to reunite with DELEŌN. After waiting two years to break free from his record label, DELEŌN is enjoying releasing music independently and collaborating with artists he sees as the future of Latine music. He even embraces singing Colombian slang words like “chimbita” with Paris. 

“When I created ‘Diamante,’ I heard [DELEŌN’s] voice on it perfectly, so I decided to send it to him, and he loved it,” Paris shares. “It’s a huge honor and full circle moment to work with him again after so many years. He is a great human being; [he] has a really creative mind and an undeniable talent. It’s a really meaningful collaboration for me having the opportunity to work with him after years of growth and achievements in our careers.”

Paris explores the sounds of Latine pop for the first time in “Diamante.” Backed by funky beats and a saxophone, he and DELEŌN serenade women who are tough yet stunning like diamonds. They also sing in Spanish and English throughout the slick and sexy love song. Paris shows that his brilliance isn’t limited to one genre or language.

“I find myself really spontaneous with my music, and I resonate with a lot of sounds,” Paris says. “I want to be able to provide the world with musical pieces where I can explore but that always has my essence. This is the beginning of a phase in my career where I will tap more into my versatility.”

The “Diamante” music video shows Paris and DELEŌN performing on a jewel-inspired set. While Paris continues to generate buzz around his music, he is working on his upcoming debut album, DIMEMSIONES VOL.1

“It consists of Latin fusions with incredible collaborations that show the depth and versatility that make me who I am as an artist,” he says. “I’m excited to be able to connect and provide the world with refreshing music.”

Check out the music video for “Diamante” below.