Guadalajara-Based Singer/Songwriter Inés Pacheco Wants You to Embrace Your Weirdness

Courtesy of the artist.

Inés Pacheco has had a busy 2020. The Guadalajara-based singer/songwriter dropped multiple singles and music videos making the most of a tumultuous year. She continues to shine with her new single, “Oro y Plata.”

Consistent with her style, Pacheco delivers a dreamy track produced by Washi Hanna of CDMX. The single is accompanied by a new music video that features a strong performance against washed-out color backdrops.

“Oro y Plata” is all about confidence and empowerment. Pacheco has a knack for connecting all the dots through her style, lyrics and performance as the singer paints a beautiful picture that only she can. Pacheco’s goal with the track is to enable women to find power in themselves no matter how that manifests.

“We need to embrace our weirdness,” she tells us. “Finding myself has played a huge part in my career. I just want to let everyone know that we are all special… My sound is inspired by my culture,” she says. “I’m proud of being Latina and I try to show it in my music and style, I wear what I like and what makes me feel comfortable, my go-to will always be a black hoodie, black sweatpants, sneakers, long nails and hoop earrings.”

Oro y Plata is the culmination of Pacheco’s personal and external identities through music and a brilliant precursor of what’s to come. As Pacheco has used 2020 to find herself, it tees her up perfectly to blaze her own path with effortless “cool” ahead of her first EP, set to drop in 2021.

For now, you can stream “Oro y Plata” and peep the video here: