Que Bajo is Throwing a Tropical Circus Rave in Bushwick

Photo by Brittany Hallberg for House of Yes

Seven years ago, Que Bajo started throwing small parties at the now-defunct Rose Live. Almost a decade later, resident DJ Geko Jones and his crew have changed the face of NYC nightlife, pioneering a club space where tropical rhythms and cutting edge electronic beats could coexist. After a massive Barrioteca rave during last year’s RBMA Festival and a raucous seventh anniversary party in 2015, Que Bajo is gearing up for its next big party. On Saturday, Uproot Andy, Geko Jones, Riobamba, and Yung Bambii will bring their talents to House of Yes, a circus arts performance venue in Bushwick. The circus edition of Que Bajo will feature aerialists, fire dancers, fortune tellers, body painters, and (for better or worse) free mezcal shots.

Ahead of this milestone event for Que Bajo, we chatted with resident DJ Geko Jones about his creative vision and what’s next for the collective.

On the party’s tropical circus edition

We’ve fought hard to make Que Bajo musically the most interesting place for Latinos and people that like to dance to hear traditional rhythms and music remixed for the club (#barrioteca). The past couple years, I’ve been working toward adding more immersive elements and performances and taking the entire experience to a new level. The tropical circus is the next step in this direction.

On House of Yes

We’ve played on the low at House of Yes – Rubulad and Junxion events over the years. It’s a community we keep ties with as our sound and events have been, and remain, pretty underground. We’ve cycled through un montón de espacios in 7+ years, yet we always promise to keep it interesante by trying new things. Plus it’s supposed to be #thegreatestvenueever.

On Que Bajo’s influence on NYC nightlife

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. We’ve already been expanding to more frequent stops in Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and nationally with our sister crews like Calentura in Los Angeles, and Peligrosa in Texas. We’re constantly thinking how can Que Bajo be bigger, better, and reach new audiences – here and abroad.

On what’s next for Que Bajo

I think the most important thing to announce this month is that we’ve officially made DJ Riobamba part of the crew and she will be playing more frequently. I have some other interesting things to share that are in the works, pero Chiquita Brujita tells me to keep those on the hush for now or we’ll jinx it.

Que Bajo?! Tropical Circus goes down Saturday, April 9 from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. at House of Yes. Buy tickets here.