After You RSVP to Los XV de Rubí, Get Hype With This Quince Essentials Playlist

If you’re a sentient Latinx being on the Internet, chances are you’ve heard about Rubi’s quince. A few days ago, Rubí Ibarra García’s father created a homemade video inviting locals from La Joya, San Luis Potosí (Rubí’s hometown) to the celebration.

Knowing the garbage fire that is the Internet, it wasn’t long until the invite spread online. Over one million people have RSVPed on Facebook, and the Mexican Internet has blessed us with a storm of precious memes (special shout out to the people who RSVPed as “interested.” You do you). Even local congressman Roberto Alejandro Segovia Hernández has called for local authorities to protect Rubi and her family from the horde of strangers slated to appear at the party.

Rubí will remember this as either the most lit quince in Mexican history, or a total nightmare of her awkward teenage years. Her father promised the celebration would feature performances by renowned local banda groups like Los Cachorros de Juan Villarreal, so to get you hype for December 26, we’ve compiled a playlist packed with quince classics. From banda slappers like Los Tucanes de Tijuana’s “El Tucanazo” to the timeless corn of “El Vals de las Mariposas,” this playlist is guaranteed to provide the perfect soundtrack to your pregame. That or you’ll have “Suavemente” on a nightmarish loop in your head for the next month.

Stream the playlist via Apple Music below: