Introducing Nuevo Noise, a Monthly Playlist Curated By Spotify and Remezcla

If you’re like me, chances are that Spotify revolutionized the way you listened to music. Whether it’s my eerily on point Discover Weekly playlist (which I refuse to let anyone ruin when I pass the AUX), the New Releases tab, or the vast library of 30 million songs, Spotify opened up a whole new world of discovery for me and so many other music fans. Though there’s a sea of competitors in the streaming universe now, Spotify remains one of the longest standing services in the game, and one of the first to tap into what listeners needed most: an easy, personalized way of finding new music.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Spotify. In this collaboration, we’ll be bringing you “Nuevo Noise,” a playlist guide to emerging Latinx artists you should know. Each month, the Spotify and Remezcla team will select 25 new songs showcasing the artists we have on repeat. We’ve hand-picked this playlist to include a little something for everyone – expect warped dembow, slick R&B, sticky garage pop, and beyond. Remezcla has always been a home for music discovery, and at a time when streaming services increasingly rely on algorithms, this playlist offers a much-needed human touch.

We’re excited to bring our editorial voice and continued support for underground Latinx artists to a massive new audience. In addition to the Nuevo Noise playlist, we’ll be developing new ways to spotlight these artists IRL. Now more than ever, uplifting Latinx artists in the Anglo-dominated (and sometimes hostile) music industry is paramount.

Follow the playlist on Spotify for fresh new music and keep an eye out for more collaborations in the future. To kick things off, the first edition of Nuevo Noise features everything from the lush dreambow of Balún’s “La Nueva Ciudad” to Füete Billēte’s jersey club hip-hop monster “Trå.” Stream it below.