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A Texas Illustrator Captured the Spirit of Los Tucanes de Tijuana & Norteño Music With His Concert Poster

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Posters are an important part of the fan experience. Long after the concert is over, attendees have a tangible reminder of a special night. However, this isn’t the case across all music genres. To rectify this, Remezcla teamed up with Miller Lite to create one-of-a-kind pieces of memorabilia. And there’s truly no better venue to debut these much-needed pieces of fan art than at Miller Lite’s Conciertos Originales.

For the past seven years, Miller Lite has celebrated Latin Music and culture with its concert series. The beer brand is hosting free concerts across the country, and recently, it celebrated Norteño music with one of the genre’s biggest acts, Los Tucanes de Tijuana. In a short film produced by Remezcla, Mexican illustrator Gerardo Arellano draws up a poster capturing the spirit of Norteño music to present to the band at Miller Lite’s Conciertos Originales show.

The video opens with the sound of Los Tucanes de Tijuana’s biggest hit, “La Chona.” Arellano, an artist who grew up on the north side of Mexico near Texas, says his identity is more Norteño than Mexicano.

“I don’t only like it,” Arellano says in Spanish. “I live it.”

He illustrates those points on paper by drawing a man with a cowboy hat and handlebar mustache to reflect his uncle and the fashions of a Norteño music fan. He mentions how his aunts taught him to dance to the music as he draws a woman and man doing just that. Arellano also reveals his musical talent: He can play the button accordion, one of the most prominent sounds in the genre. The instrument materializes on paper as well.

Art by Gerardo Arellano
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With his cowboy hat on, suited, and booted, Arellano attends Los Tucanes de Tijuana’s Conciertos Originales show. After seeing the band live for the first time, Arellano meets the band members backstage and unveils the poster that he’s been hard at work on. All his illustrations come together to create a visual homage that celebrates Norteño music, a culture that Los Tucanes de Tijuana have built their career on. The group members are pleased with Arellano’s work, which has drawn from their style. They all sign the poster and then pose for a picture with Arellano while proudly holding it up.

“I feel very proud and happy,” says Arellano. “It was truly an honor to share my artwork and my Norteño heritage with them.”

Check out the video below.