Thalia Talks “Psycho Bitch” & Possibly Being Name-Dropped on “Tití Me Preguntó”

Photo by Alessandro Martino.

Some people say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. For her millions of fans around the world, Thalia is often regarded as this charming, poised, and dignified superstar who can do no wrong. However, looks can be deceiving, and now Thalia is ready to pull back the curtains and reintroduce herself on the dance floor with her new single, “Psycho Bitch.” Remezcla caught up with the Mexican icon ahead of the single’s release to talk about how the song came together, the importance of embracing your inner “psycho bitch,” that Bad Bunny shoutout on “Tití Me Preguntó,” and more.

For a bold title like “Psycho Bitch,” the track’s production follows suit. It’s a pulsating, electronic disco-pop anthem where Thalia coyly warns the listener that she’s “a bit unpredictable” and “a bit of a psycho bitch.” However, Thalia reveals that the song almost went in a completely different direction.

 “From the moment I first heard the song, I fell in love,” she tells Remezcla. “When I finished [recording] it, I said, ‘No, this song is powerful. This song has a hidden message I have to discover.” 

As Thalia’s fans likely did a double take at the title, she says she didn’t give anyone in her inner circle time to “react” to the new song. “This is what I want to do in this moment. You’re with me, or you’re not,’” she recalls. “But the ‘bitches’ said yes,” she says as she erupts in laughter. 

Despite its provocative title, the new single has a broader and more self-aware meaning. “We all have an incognito side, a ‘psycho bitch’ side, some more than others,” Thalia says as she explains she’s made peace with her more wild side despite the reactions it gets. “I think that when you have a very authentic part of you, there’s a lot of people who get scared by that. There’s a lot of people who don’t understand it, and then they label you.”

“I think that when you have a very authentic part of you, there’s a lot of people who get scared by that. There’s a lot of people who don’t understand it, and then they label you.”

When you spend your multi-decade-spanning career starring in hit novelas, recording top-charting hits, and being the subject of numerous headlines, it’s easy for the general public to make unfair assumptions about who you are. Thalia shares that “Psycho Bitch” is her way of laughing off those confinements she has been put in over the years. “In the different [chapters] of my career, there’s been that duality,” she muses. “The romantic who’s sweet, or the personalities from the novelas that entire families know. But then there’s also ‘A Quien Le Importa,’ ’Piel Morena,’ ‘Amor a la Mexicana,’ or my ‘Arrasando’ [side].” 

Speaking of her catalogue, Thalia reveals that she inserted a nod to one of her hits in the music video for “Psycho Bitch.” Hawk-eyed fans will notice that her backup dancers don short black bobs and sultry leather outfits that reference Thalia’s look in the S&M heavy video from her 1996 hit “Gracias a Dios.”

Thalia is amused when we brought up one particular fan from the early days of her career, none other than Bad Bunny. In his megahit “Tití Me Pregunto,” the Puerto Rican rapper revealed “my first love was called ‘Thalia.’” When asked about the reference, Thalia reminds us that Bad Bunny also name-dropped a “María.” “Could it have been Marimar, or María Mercedes, or María la del Barrio? Cause that was his first girlfriend, right?” she ponders before giggling. “Imagine! You’ll have to ask him directly,” she says at the suggestion of clearing the air with a collaboration. 

At the end of the day, Thalia wants listeners to let loose when they listen to “Psycho Bitch.” “[I want them] to feel liberation and to feel freshness,” she says. “It’s a song that makes you dance, that puts you in a good mood, and that you want to listen to again and again.” 

From the first chord to the last, “Psycho Bitch” is not about creating an alter ego but affirming who you are. On the other side of that million-dollar smile and her signature voice, Thalia is embracing what makes her human, even if it isn’t the most glamorous. If that makes her a “Psycho Bitch,” so be it.

Watch the music video for “Psycho Bitch” below.