From Bruja Funk to Dark Dembow: 25 Songs to Bump When You’re Feeling #Tropigoth

Black lipstick. Palm tree-printed crop tops. Onyx platform sandals. To some, this might be a mismatched hot mess. But these carefully curated items comprise the aesthetic that is #tropigoth. It’s a look that combines the dark and brooding elements of goth and juxtaposes them next to the light, bright, and airy energy of summer. In those months, year-round goths can’t take refuge in their black knit sweaters and combat boots, no matter how much they’d like to.

While this wack-ass Urban Dictionary definition might not do any justice to the true lewk, #tropigoth is alive and well in the depths of SoundCloud.

Delete your account, Urban Dictionary. 

And for that reason, Remezcla’s music editorial team has hand-selected a special end-of-summer playlist that exemplifies the #tropigoth way of life. These 25 tracks fuse everything from industrial to booming dembow. Craving some smooth vampire reggaeton? Suck on Argentine duo Coral Casino’s “Nike (Fuera Un Santo).” Looking for dark, merengue-inspired Jersey club? Look no further than DJ Refilled’s “El Beeper” remix. But if an electrified baile funk flip is what you want, Sants “Rajada” is the way to go.

Brood your heart out and stream the playlist below.