20 Songs About Young Love to Warm Your Cold, Cynical Corazón

Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla

We know what you must be thinking: Valentine’s Day is just another corporate attempt to suck the money out of our pockets. And hey, you’re right. But go with the flow for a second: close your eyes, put on the right soundtrack, and you’ll feel the love today.

On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate lovers everywhere, and that includes you. It doesn’t matter if you already have a special someone, if you’re looking for a significant other, or if you’re your own valentine. It doesn’t matter if you’re up in the clouds of romance or if you’ve crashed into heartbreak – today is a great time to remember how important it is to practice self-love first.

Here at Remezcla, we put together a romance-packed playlist featuring songs that will remind you what it’s like to fall in love over and over again. And since we know there’s nothing as pure as young love, we collected songs from our favorite young indie pop artists to warm your cold, cynical hearts.

The playlist is filled with weightless, dreamy tunes, the auditory equivalent of a fuzzy Instagram filter. Some of them are playful, some of them are intimate, some of them are nostalgic, but they all certainly evoke the warmth of romance. There’s Cuco’s sadboy coos on the Dillon Francis-produced “Fix Me,” as well as Katzù Oso’s charmingly flirty “Coqueta” and The Marías’ adoring “Cariño.” Love is instant for sailawway on “Awake,” an eternity for Ambar Lucid on “Eyes,” and a “for now” on Inner Wave’s “Whoa.”

Whatever does it for you, you can find it here.

Stream the playlist below: