This Mexican Amusement Park Just Opened a Cantinflas Virtual Reality Ride

Lead Photo: Courtesy Ánima Estudios
Courtesy Ánima Estudios
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Cantinflas, one of the most iconic Mexican figures of the 20th century, just got a 21st century makeover to help shed light on that country’s long history. Wearing his signature ensemble (low-waisted baggy pants, white undershirt, red knotted kerchief) and sporting his world-famous mustache, Mario Moreno’s comic character is starring in a new virtual reality (VR) project from the animation studio behind the La leyenda franchise.

Ánima Estudios partnered with Ventura Entertainment to develop the new VR ride which opened to the public just last month at the Selva Mágica amusment park. Titled “Cantinflas presenta: La Máquina del Tiempo” (Cantinflas presents: The Time Machine), the new attraction takes viewers – after strapping on a pair of VR goggles – on a train ride through Mexico’s long-storied history with none other than the “Mexican Charlie Chaplin” as their trusty guide, in animated form.

José C. García de Letona, Ánima’s COO, was effusive in celebrating this foray into VR. “As our first virtual reality project,” he said, “we had the amazing opportunity to work in such a different and powerful medium and explore its many possibilities, having the short feature such an emblematic character as Cantinflas is an honor by itself. The whole experience and the trust placed in us by Ventura Entertainment makes us very proud and thankful.” The seven-minute ride promises to be fun for the entire family, equally entertaining and informative for those eager to see Mexico through Cantinflas’ eyes.

You can experience “Cantinflas presenta: La Máquina del Tiempo” at the Selva Mágica Amusement Park in Guadalajara, Mexico.