Cartoon Network Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month With ‘Drawn To’ Series Focusing on Latinx Culture

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Long gone are the days where Speedy Gonzales was the only animated character kids could watch on television. While he was well, speedy, the “fastest mouse in all Mexico” could not keep up with the demand from audiences for more Latinx representation in children’s programming over the last couple of decades.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Cartoon Network joins in to pay tribute to all things Latinx with a continuation of its short-form series Drawn To. The first Hispanic Heritage month episode debuted Tuesday (September 15) and new episodes will run through the end of September on all Cartoon Network’s social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

During the series, everyday kids and young activists, artists, and influencers talk about what they are proud of when it comes to their Latin culture and background. During Hispanic Heritage month, Drawn To is narrated by Latino actor Sean-Ryan Petersen, who gives voice to the animated title character Valentino on the Cartoon Network series Victor & Valentino.

In one episode of Drawn To where kids speak on the importance of family, a little girl in pigtails summarizes it perfectly: “In my culture, we believe that if you have a big family you’re very rich,” she says.

Fans of Cartoon Network shows like DC Super Hero Girls and Victor and Valentino can also download the Cartoon Network app where curated, Spanish-language episodes will be available to watch.

Here’s to hoping Cartoon Network decides to release a few episodes of Teen Titans Go! in Spanish. We’d love to hear burrito-loving Beast Boy sing his love song “All About Rae” as a corrido.