‘Coco’ Is Back in Theaters Just in Time for Día de Muertos

Lead Photo: 'Coco' still courtesy of Disney-Pixar
'Coco' still courtesy of Disney-Pixar
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From little girls dressing up as the characters to Netflix offering both the English and Spanish versions of it, the Oscar-winning animated feature Coco continues to present itself as an instant Disney classic.

But if you’re not interested in watching the movie on your television screen you might have an opportunity to revisit Miguel and his friends on the other side in your local movie theater. Through November 1, Coco will play at various Cinemark movie theaters in the U.S., coinciding with Día de Muertos.

The adoration for Coco is amazing to see. If you happened to visit Disneyland this year, the park created a section devoted to Day of the Dead, with a show themed towards Coco taking place at California Adventure. Bringing the movie back to theaters is a great way to draw in audiences who might have missed the movie originally, as well as those who just want to ugly cry in a movie theater again.

Coco is playing at Cinemark theaters through November 1. The full list of theaters is here.