Conan O’Brien Takes to The Streets of Mexico City to Collect Money for Trump’s Border Wall

Lead Photo: Photo: Brinson+Banks For The Washington Post
Photo: Brinson+Banks For The Washington Post
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Conan O’Brien just wrapped up his whirlwind trip to Mexico, but for us – the viewers – there’s still plenty of his Mexico-centric adventures ahead. This week, he filmed his show, “Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico,” which will air on March 1 on TBS. To tease the episode, he released a short clip of himself roaming the streets asking Mexicans to pay for the border wall. President Donald Trump has promised to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, and he’s insisted that our southern neighbors foots the bill. So O’Brien – who carried a small box with him – headed to the streets of Mexico City to ask locals to chip in.

In the hilarious clip, O’Brien shows the sheer absurdity behind Trump’s rationale. Trump’s adamant that a border wall is necessary to ensure the US’ safety, and he believes that Mexicans should pay for something they didn’t sign up for and have very vocally opposed. After receiving several “nos,” O’Brien tells one grandmother, “He promised. He said Mexico would pay.” The woman replied, “But we didn’t.”

O’Brien’s trip to south of the border comes at a time when Trump is intent of driving a wedge between the US and Mexico. He previously explained that he wants to bring some light to the current darkness surrounding US-Mexico relations. He enlisted an entirely Mexican staff and crew for the show, and he only interviewed Mexicans Diego Luna and Vicente Fox. On his way home, O’Brien wore a pin that succinctly expressed his thoughts on where Mexico and the US should stand: