Danny Trejo has conquered everything, from the restaurant business to developing a sitcom on his life. Now, as if he wasn’t awesome enough he’s taking his brand of amazing and using it to do good by actually saving lives.

Captured by ABC 7 News in Los Angeles, Trejo came to the rescue on Wednesday when he saved a special-needs child who was trapped in an overturned vehicle in the California town of Sylmar. The actor, who witnessed the crash, says a driver ran a red light, slamming and overturning another car containing the little boy and his grandmother. Trejo and another bystander rushed into action, climbing into the wreckage and unbuckling the child from his car seat. He immediately brought the child to safety as firefighters worked to free the little boy’s grandma.

The actor, who has worked with special needs children before, says he wanted to distract the little boy from what was happening. “He was panicked. I said OK, we have to use our superpowers. So he screamed ‘superpowers’ and we started yelling ‘superpowers. I said do this, with the muscles. He said ‘muscles.'”

Three people were taken to the hospital after the accident with nonlife threatening injuries. Trejo now says the little boy and him “got kind of a bond.” He also urges drivers to pay attention when driving to prevent future accidents and praises the little boy’s car seat for saving his life.

As if we needed more proof that Danny Trejo is one of the best! It’s wonderful that, in a time when people are so divided, he’s ready to jump right into the heart of an accident and save someone’s life. The man deserves all the medals out there. He’s one of the good ones.