Diego Luna Is a Superhero Fighting Trump’s Mexican Bashing in This Corona Commercial

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Diego Luna is turning into something of an ad-tivist. After directing Jarritos’ moving ode to the immigrant hustle, “The Journey”, the multi-hyphen actor, director, producer, and activist turned his attention back to his beloved Mexico with a new Spanish-language ad for Corona, by Leo Burnett Mexico.

Titled “The Wall, the minute-long commercial takes its inspiration from Donald Trump’s infamous campaign pledge; but rather than dwelling on the hollow provocation of “el loco ese” – as Luna dismissively refers to Trump – the spot exhorts Mexicans to “defronterizarse,” or break down the mental walls that keep them from realizing their full potential.

With virtuoso camerawork and VFX overseen by director Rodrigo Saavedra, “The Wall” shows Luna walking through a Mexico City traversed by massive concrete barriers as he reflects on the unfortunate stereotypes and internalized divisions that hold his countrymen back. “We should also be angry at the walls we have [in our minds], that don’t let us move forward,” Luna insists as he makes a Marvel Comics-worthy leap off a tall building.

From there, the maturing Charolastra heartthrob cites everything from the “crabs in a bucket” mentality to the all-too-familiar caricature of Mexicans as lazy sombrerudos living an endless siesta. “These clichés don’t define us,” he continues. “Enough of playing the victim. Nothing will be solved that way. Grab life by the horns.”

Indeed, in the face of Trump’s hateful rhetoric, there is perhaps nothing more empowering than simply choosing to be the best version of ourselves.