The First Novela to Star a Gay Couple in Lead Roles Is Coming Soon to Univision

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Univision
Courtesy of Univision
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Aristemo is coming to Univision! Their new telenovela spinoff, El corazón nunca se equivoca, is finally premiering on a U.S. network. Aristóteles “Aris” Córcega (Emilio Osorio) and Cuauhtémoc “Temo” López (Joaquín Bondoni) first became a fan-favorite couple on the hit novela Mi marido tiene familia. Their storyline — two teenage boys finding love and comfort in one another’s arms despite their families’ intolerance — earned them and the show wide acclaim (and even a GLAAD award). Upon premiering in Mexico earlier this year, the Televisa-produced series El corazón nunca se equivoca became the first primetime telenovela to feature a gay couple as its leading characters.

While Mi marido tiene familia chronicled the Aristemo meet-cute and their ensuing relationship while living with their families, their spinoff follows them from Oaxaca to Mexico City. There, the two young lovers will have to put their relationship to the test as they face new challenges pursuing their dream careers. In keeping with modern takes on LGBTQ storytelling, the lovable Aristemo end up creating their own chosen family as their apartment serves as a safe haven for their friends Diego (Nikolás Caballero) and Carlota Cervantes (Ale Müller). Both find solace at Aristemo’s apartment, away from the drama in their respective households. With storylines about depression, suicide, political campaigns and social media influencers, the youth-skewing telenovela is set to keep breaking boundaries when it airs on Univision this summer. Knowing the fan fervor Aristemo generates, 26 episodes may not be enough.

El corazón nunca se equivoca premieres August 13, 2019, on Univision at 9 p.m.