Fiery Musical Drama ‘Ema,’ Starring Gael García Bernal, Will Stream for Free One Day Only

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Music Box Films.
Courtesy of Music Box Films.
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This spring was supposed to bring Pablo Larraín‘s highly anticipated film Ema to U.S. theaters. Alas, as with many other movie releases, its future remains uncertain in light of ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions on movie theaters. Thankfully, fans of Larraín and of his regular collaborator, star Gael García Bernal, will get the chance to preview this provocative reggaeton fueled drama. Music Box Films, the company who’s handling the film’s U.S. release, announced that Ema will be made available for a free virtual preview on the streaming service Mubi.

Mubi founder and CEO Efe Cakarel said: “Pablo is renowned for his distinct and visionary work and we can’t wait to make this extraordinary film available to as many people as possible. This is the first time we’ve previewed a film exclusively on Mubi for free and we are honored to be working with someone as inspiring as Pablo, and show a film as mesmerising as Ema.”

Brian Andreotti of Music Box Films said: “In these unprecedented times, with the cancellation of film festivals nationwide, Mubi’s 24-hour streaming word-of-mouth preview is an innovative way for Music Box Films to increase awareness of Ema and build momentum as we prepare for the film’s theatrical and home entertainment release later this year.”

Ema stars García Bernal as a modern dance choreographer whose relationship with his muse and partner Ema (Mariana Di Girolamo) is on the rocks. The two haven’t been able to get over a failed adoption attempt that has scarred them both. But as García Bernal’s Gastón hopes to move on, Ema has other plans which involve delving deeper into the reggaeton scene she’d left behind, seducing strangers on the street and many a chance to play with a flamethrower wreaking havoc around town. Kinetic and explosive in ways both literal and emotional, Larraín’s latest is a modern musical where dance sequences help flesh out a story of a broken mother trying to find her way back to a son who’s no longer hers.

Watch the virtual preview of Ema exclusively on Mubi on May 1, 2020.