WATCH: From ‘Encanto’ to ‘Selena,’ This Creator is Giving Oscar Worthy Performances

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Disney
Courtesy of Disney

Social media is one place where everyone, and we mean everyone, can live out their actor dreams. Some people have mastered the skill of TikTok acting and Luis Lucas, aka theluluexperience, is clearly becoming one of the greats via Selena, Encanto, and more when it comes to reenactments.

The TikToker’s feed is filled with videos of him acting out some of the most iconic moments of telenovelas, shows, and movies that have had huge impacts on the Latine community. His unrestrained commitment to the roles will leave you howling with laughter and nostalgia.

Who could forget the iconic busti-ca-ca moment from Selena? This scene is something all Latine children had burned into their brains growing up. We’ve all acted it out but Lucas’s own bustier just takes his moment over the top.

You know he had to jump on the latest craze of Encanto. The Disney movie is a certified hit with audiences and his ability to shapeshift like Camilo into every character of the Madrigal family is flawless. He’s got all of the wigs, outfits, and accessories to complete each and every character.

Don’t worry. He knows that we need this kind of content to the Encanto hits are plentiful and there are multiple Selena moments to be found as well.

And, of course, a TikTok highlighting Latine media’s most iconic moments would not be complete without a little Soraya Montenegro. If you hear any scream, it is me living my best life while scrolling through this page. If you need a laugh and a bit of nostalgic love, this TikTok page is here to deliver. So, when is theluluexperience getting his Oscar?