EXCLUSIVE: ‘La Usurpadora, the Musical’ First Trailer Revisits a Beloved Classic

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Pantelion Films
Courtesy of Pantelion Films
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Fans of the classic 1990s telenovela La Usurpadora starring Gabriela Spanic were excited in late 2021 when it was announced that a bilingual musical based on the series was being produced and that the studio behind the movie, Pantelion Films, was calling it their “most ambitious undertaking to date.”

Now, Remezcla has the exclusive first trailer for La Usurpadora, the Musical, which features songs like “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” “La vida es un carnaval” and more.

Directed and co-written by Santiago Limón (Rebelde) and co-written by María Hinojos (Cindy la Regia), La Usurpadora, the Musical stars Isabella Castillo (El señor de los cielos) as Valeria and Victoria, identical twins separated at birth whose lives cross paths after a chance meeting in Las Vegas. Valeria (the poor, good twin) and Victoria (the rich, mean twin) decide to switch lives after Victoria offers her estranged sister a lot of money to pretend that she is her.

In the first trailer released Wednesday (March 1), Victoria isn’t ready to end her vacation with the man she is having an affair with, so when she sees an employee who looks like her at the resort she is staying at, she makes her an offer she can’t refuse. “I need you to go to Mexico and pretend to be me,” Victoria says. “Do you want to make 20 times what you make in a year?”

Valeria accepts and before she knows it, she’s whisked away to start her new life with a husband and kids living in a mansion after a makeover. 

While the plan seems to be working, things get messy when Valeria begins to fall for Victoria’s husband Carlos (Alan Estrada), who starts to see a different and more caring side to his wife that he doesn’t recognize. Victoria, however, warns her that if she gets caught, her new life will be over.

During the Premios lo Nuestro awards ceremony last week, La Usurpadora, the Musical was teased on stage with a special performance by Castillo, Estrada, and their co-star Valentina. Now we’re just waiting for Gabriela Spanic who is in the cast credits at the end of the trailer.

La Usurpadora, The Musical premieres at theaters on April 7, 2023.