EXCLUSIVE: Meet Lydia, the Puerto Rican ‘Love is Blind’ Season 5 Contestant

Lead Photo: Netflix
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Love is Blind Season 5 premieres with its first four episodes tomorrow (September 22). The reality TV dating show that has become renowned for its couples – and its drama, is set to feature a couple of Latine people this season. And Netflix today is giving us a chance to get to know one of them: Lydia.

The Puerto Rican, who calls herself “a Boricua por pura cepa” in the clip, also discusses her love/hate relationship with her accent, sharing that “there’s some that do understand me, but there’s some that are like ‘Lydia, what the hell you said?’” But the clip doesn’t just stay in the stereotypical, instead showing us a vulnerable side of Lydia, who also shares that “In the past, I’ve been called too much.”

She, however, disagrees. “I don’t think I’m too much,” she tells the camera. “I think I am the right amount of me.” And though we were rooting for her before she said this, the words place us firmly on her corner.

The clip goes on the show us Lydia’s first meeting with Milton, and the way they nerd out over a shared interest: rocks. Lydia is, after all, a geologist, while Milton is a Petroleum Engineer. “You’re such a nerd,” Lydia tells Milton, but she nerds out with him and it’s clear to anyone watching there’s an instant connection between the two.

Whether that connection will prove to be strong enough to make it out of the pods we will have to wait to find out, but one thing is for sure – we’re already invested in Lydia’s happiness.

She isn’t the only person from our communities who looks to have a significant amount of screen time in the new season, with a previous clip the streamer released focusing on two other contestants who seem to be striking a connection – Johnie and Izzy – or Ismael, another Latino.

Very little is known about Izzy at this point, other than he is 31, in sales and, as he discusses in the previously released clip, has been engaged before.

Love is Blind season 5 premieres its first 4 episodes on September 22.