Afro-Latina Reporter Goes Viral for Understanding the Met Gala Assignment

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Telemundo.
Courtesy of Telemundo.
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It isn’t just the celebrities that come through with the looks for the Met Gala. Sometimes the reporters covering the red carpet know exactly what to do with the theme. Case in point: Génesis Suero, a reporter who showed all the way up and ate this assignment whole. Honestly, it’s hard to compare to her look, and that’s why she’s gone viral on Twitter. 

Suero, who was Miss New York USA in 2018, is hosting special red carpet coverage of the Met Gala for Telemundo, and she was ready to show the stars how it’s done. The stunning gold beaded gown by Lucia Rodriguez is a showstopper on its own but knowing that the theme for the Met Gala is “Gilded Glamour” takes her looks to new heights.

People love Suero’s look as a red carpet reporter. As many are pointing out, she legit looks like a Disney princess on the red carpet. Her ability to flawlessly nail the theme while running red carpet coverage is something that brings a tear to our eye.

Met Gala fans are floored that she is a reporter and not one of the invited guests. Yet, as a reporter, she has become the moment, the vibe, the Met Gala winner, tbh. It is something to behold.

For just one more moment. Take a second to truly marvel in the majesty that is Suero, ultimately owning the Met Gala red carpet as an unsuspecting reporter for Telemundo. This Afro-Latina showed up and made sure that she was ready to step up and own it. Way to go, mija!