Jane Gloriana Villanueva has already been married and lost the love of her life in a shocking twist of fateor did she? But actress Gina Rodriguez was a single woman…until now! We know Jane and Rodriguez’s lives are intertwined. The character has given Rodriguez a Golden Globe and has given her the ability to use her Emmy campaign money to send an undocumented student to college. Now, it’s responsible for her engagement to boyfriend, Joe LoCicero.

Rodriguez and LoCicero have been dating for two years after meeting on the set during the second season of Jane the Virgin. Don’t remember him? He played the Don Quixote stripper sent to visit Jane during her TA session in “Chapter Thirty-Nine.” During a promotional tour, Rodriguez explained that LoCicero is the perfect partner for her. One who “is going to uplift me and support me and want me to shine.”

It’s unclear when the marriage will take place, but Rodriguez is certainly citing Jane as the reason for it in the first place, which only makes the show more special. The show’s final season is going to be bittersweet in so many ways, but it’s wonderful to know that Rodriguez was able to find happiness off-screen because of it. And it’s not like we won’t get plenty more of Rodriguez after Jane’s farewell. She’s also going to be in two incarnations of Carmen Sandiego for Netflix, is in the upcoming remake of Miss Bala, and recently did a voice performance on the upcoming movie for Disney Channel’s Elena of Avalor.