TRAILER: Gina Rodriguez Goes on a Post-Breakup Bender With Her Girls in ‘Someone Great’ Rom-Com

Lead Photo: 'Someone Great' photo by Sarah Shatz. Courtesy of Netflix.
'Someone Great' photo by Sarah Shatz. Courtesy of Netflix.
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Gina Rodriguez is looking for someone great and we aren’t talking about her actual fiance. Netflix is establishing itself as a home for lighthearted romantic comedies, and Rodriguez, who already stars in the animated series Carmen Sandiego on the streaming giant, is entering the genre with Someone Great. The first trailer for the romantic comedy shows Gina at her funniest, drunkest, and most relatable.

Directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the film follows Jenny (Rodriguez) a young 20-something who’s spent the last nine years with Nick (Lakeith Stanfield). But when Nick doesn’t want to leave New York to follow Jenny to a new job opportunity in San Francisco, the two break up. With her time in the Big Apple drawing to a close, and still pining over her ex, Jenny enlists the help of her two best friends to spend one final night out before “the end of an era.”

Someone Great hearkens back to the classic “one final party” movie, as well as previous romantic comedies like Bachelorette. Rodriguez spends the trailer either day-drinking or crying before deciding she can’t “leave New York City like this.” The film has a neon-tinged color palette that, coupled with its vibrant soundtrack, makes this look like all kinds of fun, a movie of possibilities. And for Rodriguez, it’s definitely a lighter role compared to her recent films Miss Bala and Annihilation. We watch her drop a cell phone in a toilet and create a mimosa/green juice concoction that, I won’t lie, I’m surprised someone hasn’t already monetized.

I’m a sucker for movies about friends getting together for one crazy night of hijinks and considering how much success Netflix has had with the rom-com genre, Someone Great will definitely appease fans. Rodriguez continues to develop her range while still staying within the wheelhouse for those still mourning over Jane the Virgin’s final season.

Someone Great hits Netflix April 19, 2019.