Gina Rodriguez Starts Filming Season 2 of ‘Jane the Virgin’ Next Month

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Gina Rodríguez is so much more than a talented actress. In the wake of Jane the Virgin’s runaway critical success she has also emerged as an uncompromising champion for Latino representation in the media; and the country has taken note.

For starters, she famously turned down a potentially career-making role on Devious Maids because she simply didn’t agree with the way it portrayed Latinos — a risky show of integrity that would give any Hollywood talent agent a violent bout of acid reflux. But her decision to opt for the long game ultimately paid off with Jane the Virgin, and when her crowning moment arrived in the form of a Golden Globe, she turned her acceptance speech into a tear-inducing cry of empowerment for Latinos across the country. ¡Vaya Boricua!

So Jane the Virgin is coming back for a much-deserved second season, but we already knew that. What we didn’t know is that the production will officially start shooting this August for an October 16 premiere date. As we reported earlier this year, Rodríguez is currently in production on the disaster drama Deepwater Horizon alongside Mark Wahlberg, and the Chi-Rican beauty recently took to social media to confirm that principal photography for season two of Jane would commence as soon as she wrapped her first big-budget Hollywood production. Damas y caballeros, it seems we are witnessing the birth of a star.