HBO Max Latin America Orders ‘Batman Azteca: Choque de Imperios’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of HBO Max
Courtesy of HBO Max
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A new Dark Knight is coming to HBO Max Latin America and his name is not Bruce Wayne. The streamer is set to unveil a new take on the Caped Crusader in the upcoming animated feature Batman Azteca: Choque de Imperios (Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires). It is the first-ever collaboration between Warner Bros. Animation, Particular Crow, Mexicos Anima, and “Book of Life” producer Chatrone. 

The Spanish-language project is set against the backdrop of Aztec Mexico and will draw from the culture instead of retaining the original Batman backstory or lead character. It will center on a young Aztec boy, Yohualli Coatl, whose father, village leader Toltecatzin, is murdered by Spanish Conquistadors, leading him to flee to Tenochtitlan to warn King Moctezuma and his high priest, Yoka, of imminent danger. “Using the temple of Tzinacan, the bat god, as a lair, Yohualli trains with his mentor and assistant, Acatzin, developing equipment and weaponry to confront the Spaniard invasion, protect Moctezuma’s temple, and avenge his father’s death,” the synopsis goes on to explain. 

The project was announced at the Guadalajara International Film Festival. The film is set to be produced entirely in Mexico and looks to showcase local talent as it explores the region’s ancient culture. Mesoamerica has been largely unexplored in entertainment, which makes this project both groundbreaking and particularly important for a region that doesn’t exactly have the big-name, recognizable-to-the-outside-world superheroes – at least not yet.

HBO Max Latin America has expanded very fast, and as part of that expansion, the region-specific side of the streamer has unveiled plans to produce 50-70 HBO Max Latin America originals by 2023. 

Juan Meza-León will direct the feature. There’s no date set for the film as of yet.