Is Netflix’s ‘Rebelde’ Really Coming Back for Season 2?

Lead Photo: Netflix
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The Netflix reboot of Rebelde has been officially renewed! While at first there were many hesitations and doubts on the new generation, it is officially confirmed that they’re here to stay… for a second season, at least.

We have to admit that between the reboot’s charismatic cast and the surprisingly good soundtrack, we are actually glad that we’ll be able to explore more of the storylines and original songs that may take place at the EWS! After all, the characters are just getting warmed up as a band.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers.

What can we expect from the second season? Can we expect Esteban to get more of a Colucci attitude? Will Dixon and MJ make it official? Do we actually trust Luka? One thing is for sure: we are wholeheartedly rooting for more LGBTQ+ representation, which is currently embodied by the not-so-secret relationship of Andi and Emilia.

While some fans weren’t into the new generation, others are already invested in the storylines. Some Twitter users even have favorites already. One user commented, “rebelde got renewed for a season 2 i get to see endi and dixon and again.”

Others are already counting down the days for the second season. A Twitter user recently commented, “When is the second season of rebelde coming out? HAHAHAH I need it now!”

Part of the series’ success has to do with nostalgic moments. The first season was dashed with memories from the 2004 Mexican telenovela: from scenes where the new characters cover RBD hits like “Sálvame” and “Tras de Mí,” to reliving iconic moments such as Mia Colucci’s forehead star that gets ripped off from MJ the second she walks in the school, to La Logia’s storyline, and, of course, Jana’s cell phone in boot a la Mia Colucci, to name a few of our favorite highlights.

So, what’s next? We are already anticipating the drama! The first season of Rebelde is streaming now on Netflix.