Jaime Camil Gets Naked In His Quest For an Emmy Nomination

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In a perfect world, the 19,000 plus members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, would watch all the shows in consideration for an Emmy Award and pick the one they think is the best. But, we live in a less than perfect world, where votes are essentially up for sale in a thinly-veiled popularity contest. In the last few years, TV producers have ramped up their tactics to get members to notice their series. The process is essentially an advertising campaign that can consist of billboards, full-page print ads, panel discussions with the cast, and special screenings. These “For Your Consideration” campaigns start months before the nomination process and are rumored to cost between $150,000 – $500,000!

The team behind the CW’s critically-acclaimed comedy Jane the Virgin, has pulled out all the stops. They’ve smartly doubled their chances and gone both the low-brow and high-brow route. Keeping in line with Jaime Camil’s hilariously vain character on the show, he appears naked in his FYC ad, lying in bed with a tiger atop satin sheets. The poster, released on the official twitter account set up for Rogelio de la Vega — the fictional novela star played by Camil — reads, “Dear Emmy Voters: You’re Welcome!” (For those that want a closer look — I don’t blame you — there’s a full size version here.)

For Gina Rodriguez’s poster, inspiring quotes were taken from her tear-inducing Golden Globes acceptance speech.

Congratulations to the Jane the Virgin PR team. You just slayed the ad game.