Jaime Camil Launches Hilarious Campaign for “Sexiest Supporting Actor” Emmy Nomination

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With all the recent uproar over awards inclusion that culminated in the #OscarSoWhite campaign for the past two years, it’s heartening to see the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences championing diversity and representation in the upcoming 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. For the first time in history it seems the Academy has created a separate category for “Sexiest Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series,” and Jane the Virgin’s Jaime Camil is rightfully at the top of the list.

Or wait — it turns out this is just another clever “For Your Consideration” Emmy publicity campaign launched by Camil and his team to get on the Academy’s radar before nominations are locked in. The fictitious — but somehow believable — category is laid over an image of Camil spread out on a monumental rug bearing his own likeness, contemplating the universe with the proudly exaggerated facial expressions of a telenovela galán.

Last year, Camil turned more than a few heads with a hilarious poster ad that featured him spread out in his birthday suit on satin sheets while holding an airbrushed leopard pup in his lap. Channeling Camil’s lovably narcissistic Jane the Virgin alter-ego Rogelio de la Vega, the poster read in big letters “Dear Emmy Voters: You’re Welcome.”

Over the last few years TV producers have ramped up their tactics to get Academy members to notice their series. The process is essentially an advertising campaign that can consist of billboards, full-page print ads, panel discussions with the cast, and special screenings.

Last year’s campaign didn’t secure Camil an Emmy nomination, but it certainly helped cement his reputation as one of US television’s most playfully self-conscious comic actors. And even if he doesn’t make the shortlist this year, he can rest easy knowing that if there actually was a category for “Sexiest Supporting Actor,” he’d probably be nominated five times.