‘Jane the Virgin’ Fans Lose Their Mind on Twitter After Shocking Season Finale

Lead Photo: 'Jane the Virgin' still courtesy of The CW
'Jane the Virgin' still courtesy of The CW
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Jane the Virgin ended its second to last season on Friday with a reveal that was, to quote our faithful narrator, “straight out of a telenovela.” The series has seen its fair share of ups and downs, and our heroine has shed a healthy amount of tears over four seasons, but Jane (and the audience) couldn’t possibly have prepared for how things ended.


“Chapter Eighty-One” saw things progressing down a road of sweetness and light. Jane and Rafael were finally happy, and Rafael was prepping to propose. Alba successfully became a U.S. citizen and was going to marry Jorge. No, not because they were in love, per se, but so that he could safely visit his dying mother in Mexico. And it looked like Xiomara might be on the road to recovery after her breast cancer trauma.

But because this is Jane the Virgin you didn’t expect things to end with a “happily ever after,” did you? Nope, Rafael got a call from the evil Sin Rostro, aka his ex-stepmother Rose, who offered to give him some information that would change his life “forever.” Raf struggled with how to handle the newfound information he received, pushing Jane aside before finally letting her into his apartment….where a bearded Michael Cordero stood.

So, yes, Michael is alive, again! Jane fans on Twitter absolutely lost their minds, expressing all manner of reactions from shock to glee.

Why is Michael alive? Especially since we were told he loved Jane “till his last breath?” Where’s he been all this time? And what does this mean for Jane and Rafael’s perfect romance? With the show coming to an end next year it’s understandable why the series would want to return to its original love triangle. But after the series dealt with the fall-out of Michael’s mid-season death, as well as the season-long jump to get things back to where they were, does this come off as jumping the shark? We won’t know till Jane the Virgin’s farewell season starts sometime in October.