Nothing quite beats the original. While English-speaking audiences have had the chance to follow the story of Teresa Mendoza in the US remake Queen of the South, there’s no denying the hold the OG version, La Reina del Sur has on its fans. And while its star Kate del Castillo has been busy as of late (what with El ChapoIngobernable and All About Nina) she’s found the time to revive her landmark badass role. It’s true, as the Mexican actress shared on Instagram, we’re getting a new season of La Reina del Sur.

If ever since 2011 you’ve been wondering what happened to that powerful drug trafficker after she disappeared into the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program, you’ll have your answers later this Spring. Per the show’s premise, it looks like we’ll be meeting Teresa, who now goes by “Maria Dantes,” in Italy. It’s been eight years since anyone last saw her and she’s been quietly raising her daughter Sofia in a small Tuscan village. Except, of course, this being an action-packed drama, soon an unexpected event involving Sofia will have her tapping back into what made her such a feared adversary, pushing her to reclaim her throne as the one and only queen.

Joining del Castillo this time around is a world-class cast from all over. In addition to some members of the original cast, audiences will get to see Raoul Bova (Under the Tuscan Sun), Antonio Gil (Chocolat), Patricia Reyes Spíndola (Fear of the Walking Dead), Mark Tacher (La Hija del Mariachi), and Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), among others. Moreover, in anticipation of the return of the banner show, Telemundo will be airing a “Special Edition Season 1” beginning Monday, March 4, which will also be available with English subtitles across all of their digital platforms. So if you’ve missed out on the show that ushered in a new wave of drug cartel sagas on the small screen, now’s your time to catch up.

La Reina del Sur returns to Telemundo on April 22, 2019.